Thursday, April 28

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Introduce; Spencer and Hill

Story Time, Gather!

Spencer and Hill, two Germans who know how to make some music. Grab their album(s).

Maximum Exposures Top 3 preferred tracks;

Spencer and Hill - So Dance

Spencer and Hill - Housebeat

Spencer and Hill - Young Love

Brock Edwards

Innocence (Feed Me Remix) - Nero

This amazing track was dropped less then month ago and has been on constant repeat for me. Not many producers can remix a Nero track and make it sound even better then the original, but Feed Me destroys this one.

Nero are a duo from London, who are destroying the UK dubstep scene, as a tribute, the original of Innocence and one other brand new song from Nero are below.

Innocence (Feed Me Remix) - Nero

Nero - Guilt

Nero - Innocence

Toby Renn