Friday, July 29

Exam Stress? Never fear, Ponco is hear.

Yes, I can spell "here" - it's a pun, DEAL WITH IT.

So, if you're like me and are busy studying and sometimes getting a bit stressed you might like to unwind and listen to some calmer beats to that you would listen to a rave or the fresh beats normally posted on MaxEx. Anywho, here are 6 calm, chilled out tracks for your audio pleasure.

Glycerine - Bush

Staralfur - Sigur Ros

Dear Prudence - The Beatles

Blackbird - The Beatles

Let Me Tell You About My Boat - Mark Mothersbaugh

Rock N Roll Suicide - Seu Jorge (David Bowie Cover)

Henry Chladil

Thursday, July 28

Chick Vocals + Dirty Dubstep = WIN

Once i started this post i actually could not stop, the amount of brilliant remixes to brilliant female vocal songs out there is crazy. i did TRY to keep this a small one, but i really couldn't. This really is one of the greatest combinations in EDM culture... the only other better combination i can think of is EDM music and my ears :) Great job to all the ladies, keep it up.

Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) - Robyn

Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation

STrange Behaivour (Original Mix) - Feed Me Ft. Tasha Baxter

Four Floors - Diplo vs Sunday Girl

Someone Like You (Messed Dubstep Remix) - Adele

Hide and Seek (Mt. Eden Remix) - Imogen Heap

Silence (Mt Eden Remix) - Sarah McLachlan

Better Off Alone (DJ Philistine & Kewl Breez Dubtsep Remix) - Alice Deejay

Starry Eyed (Minnesota Remix) - Ellie Goulding

Toby Renn

Sunday, July 24

6 Top Drops.

From filthy dubstep to indie house, these are my personally six favourite songs with the dopest drops.


Incorperating techno and dubstep, whilst keeping original vocals Drop at 1:52


It's amazingly chilled and it has a sexy drop. Drop at 1:40


BIIG BIIG DROPP. Drop at :45


one of the better remixes. beautiful drop. Drop at :55


This is just flippin crazy! PLEASE DONT SKIP, i know the beginning is a little boring but it is soo worth it. Play the song out for the full effect. Drop at 1:45


Absolutely amazing. Such a hectic hectic drop. Drop at 1:58

Toby Renn

Pump That Bass

Just catching up on all the electro / house / bangers i've missed out on posting recently. Enjoy these (as always) LOUD.

Toby Renn

Friday, July 22

Young and Talented

This guy called Zed Mero is an old GPS boy from the rugby school of Nudgie. He has recently started making some seriously good electro-dubstep-mash-up beats. Give him a listen, he has some seriously good shit, I'm sure he will appreciate the support.

No Reason for Violence (Zeddles Mash Up)

A chilled mash-up which is great for study. Still interested?

Another kid who made it big in the music industry, Coucheron released these tracks a while ago but fuck it still doesn't change the fact that they are amazing songs. I think he's only 16 or 17 but I don't know for sure, he just makes seriously good music.

Bottle's on Me - Coucheron
Download here

Speed Me Up - Coucheron
Download here

And some of his very new shit... It’s a little poppy and more radio-friendly sounding but still good nonetheless. I hope to find a download link soon and will post if there's enough interest. It is available on iTunes, if you have the money.

Party In My Head (Coucheron Radio Edit) - September

Party In My Head (Coucheron Extended Mix) - September 

Enjoy. Hope everyone had a good holiday. ME

- Tom Rees