Friday, July 22

Young and Talented

This guy called Zed Mero is an old GPS boy from the rugby school of Nudgie. He has recently started making some seriously good electro-dubstep-mash-up beats. Give him a listen, he has some seriously good shit, I'm sure he will appreciate the support.

No Reason for Violence (Zeddles Mash Up)

A chilled mash-up which is great for study. Still interested?

Another kid who made it big in the music industry, Coucheron released these tracks a while ago but fuck it still doesn't change the fact that they are amazing songs. I think he's only 16 or 17 but I don't know for sure, he just makes seriously good music.

Bottle's on Me - Coucheron
Download here

Speed Me Up - Coucheron
Download here

And some of his very new shit... It’s a little poppy and more radio-friendly sounding but still good nonetheless. I hope to find a download link soon and will post if there's enough interest. It is available on iTunes, if you have the money.

Party In My Head (Coucheron Radio Edit) - September

Party In My Head (Coucheron Extended Mix) - September 

Enjoy. Hope everyone had a good holiday. ME

- Tom Rees

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