Wednesday, May 18

Chillmau5 - Top 5 Most Chill Deadmau5


5. Careless (Acoustic)
Starting off with a more unknown deadmau5 tune, it's a great piano track written by the man himself. Enjoy.
 No download link available, sorry.

 4. Brazil (2nd Edit)
The most up tempo of the list, despite being regarded as a dance classic, this is great for all those morning afters were you just don't give a fuck.
Download here.

3. Faxing Berlin (Piano Version)

A deadmau5 classic, remixed for a piano version, Faxing is just a fantastic chill tune. You can listen to this 100 times and not get bored of it. Check out Grifta's dubstep remix of the original Faxing also, here.
Download here.

2. Strobe
Where would our loneliest moments be without Strobe? NOWHERE THAT'S WHERE! It is a rhapsody of sheer jizz - widely regarded as the best deadmau5 song, Strobe is simply Progressive House at it's very best.
 Download (if you haven't already lel) here.

1. Bored of Canada

This song, as you guessed it, is an (instrumental) tribute to the Canadian duo "Boards of Canada". Nothing compares to the 1 minute and 54 seconds of audiorial bliss.
Download here.

Cheers lads and laddetes,


Anonymous said...

Bored of Canada is a tribute to the Boards of Canada, one of deadmau5's favorite artists. Check out their stuff.

idol talk said...

I think Telemiscommunications feat Imogen Heap should definitely be added to that last ;) Max