Monday, May 2

A New Face

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome. My name is Henry, but I usually go by the name Ponco. I have come aboard the MaxEx lads to post some chill tunes for all you people out there seeking something smooth and low impact instead of hekkers dance beats.

This month, you will be greeted with the unique styles of true, unadulterated hip-hop - ranging from the tight, smooth rhymes of Phife and Qtip to the seriously alternative sampling genius of De La Soul. I hope you enjoy. 

1 ~ Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
A part of the quasi-concept album "Midnight Marauders", Award Tour, track 3, was the first single released and is ostensibly identified by the sample of "We Gettin' Down'" off Weldon Irvine's 1975 album Spirit Man. This song is widely regarded as the most commercially successful song from them, as it remains the highest charting single to date, featuring success world-wide.
Download: Mediafire

2 ~ Get It Together - Beastie Boys
Interestingly, this track also features Qtip from A Tribe Called Quest. It's fair to say he makes the song the lyrical and rhyme masterpiece that it is. Track 7 off of Ill Communication, in my opinion, it's the best BBoys track to date. Just be careful you don't listen to the Single version as Qtip is omitted. Enjoy. 
Download: Mediafire

3 ~ Eye Know - De La Soul
A love song from a hip hop group. Unusual I know, but it's a stand out and a FANTASTIC chill tune. 
Download: Mediafire

4 ~ I Wanna Get High - Cypress Hill
DISCLAIMER: Maximum Exposure does not condone taking drugs. However, this song is brilliant - featuring some interesting synth sounds at the beginning it's a great song. And if you are so inclined to be associated with the subject matter of this track, you will probably enjoy it as well.
Download: Mediafire

5 ~ True Lies - Snoop Dogg
Classic Snoop. A hilarious sample from ex-American president Bill Clinton, this is an absolutely dope chill tune. Have fun.
Download: Mediafire

Or, alternatively, download all 5 songs Mediafire

There you are campers, I hope you enjoy.


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