Wednesday, January 26

First DJ Experience

A few nights ago, i attended this party which had a DJ hired for it, throughout the night he was playing some pretty cool beats but something just seemed to be missing.

I approached him during a real dirty remix of Tik Tok and asked if i could play a track i had, he was really up for which gave me a good boost of self esteem. So he put on my song and lets just say, the boys and girls seemed to be enjoying themselves a great deal more.

After my first i couldn't help myself, i went back again and again and played more and more dope tunes.

Anyway, you guys aren't here to listen to my blabbering, so here is a few of the songs i got to play at this party. Enjoy these big party beats!

OMG (Tom Deluxx Remix) - Cyberpunkers
Fireball - DJ Antention

Lollipop (LAZRtag Remix) - Lil Wayne

Love Lockdown (LMFAO Remix) - Kanye West

Toby Renn

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