Thursday, August 11

Hey Hey, It's....Thursday #1

A new series is in town, it's called, Hey Hey It's dot dot dot Thursday...? or HHIT for short. From now on, each Thursday, the MaxEx crew will post up three songs: Stuck In Our Head, Golden Oldie and Previously Unheard. As you guessed it, one that is just so catchy it has survived all these years as a common favourite. Golden Oldie is just an old track (even as old as the 60's) that is chill and has stood the test of time. Previously unheard is something we feel was never fully heard by a mainstream audience, but you should check it out!

This week's theme is: Chill.  Next week we will see a House special from Toby Renn.

Stuck In Our Head
The Prayer - Kid Cudi

A tribute to the late DJ AM, another lost to an OD. Old, but still beautiful music. I hope you fall in love with it all over again.

Golden Oldie
The High Road - Broken Bells

Reminds me of a happy time chilling with a close MaxEx friend, Shay Debs. He is missed. Enjoy!

Previously Unheard
Neon Bible - Arcade Fire

First heard this in 2006, introduced me to Arcade Fire. It's an amazingly chill track, enjoy :)!

Something different that I hope you enjoy :)

Henry Chladil

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