Friday, September 30

99th Post Special: Ultimate Chilled Hip-Hop Playlist

Hello, good morning/evening/night/midday, whatever it is from wherever you are, we have a very special post for you: The Ultimate Chilled Hip Hop Playlist. I know it's a little different to what I usually post, but believe me, all of these tracks are really sick. Yes, all ninety nine of them. I could have easily gone into the 200's with the amount of great songs I've got in this genre, but I think 99 will do.

Whether you're coming down, going up or maintaining your cool, be sure to put a few of these on and enjoy yourself. This playlist spans from all over the globe from Canada to Australia to the USA. Show your thanks by following us on facebook

Bulk Download 1            Bulk Download 2            Bulk Download 3            Bulk Download  4          Bulk Download 5

Toby Renn

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