Monday, October 31

Monday Mashups #27: Mashup Germany Special

We love our mashies at Maximum Exposure - and whenever we discover such a special track from an even more special artist, sometimes we're compelled to dedicate a post to that track and that artist.

In this case, Believe In Your Best Levels is probably the crowd favourite among us at the moment - so...we decided to dedicate a post completely to the man himself Ben Stiller AKA Mashup Germany!

"Who Knew Someone Like You"

"It Got To Be Bum"

"Believe In Your Best Levels" Respect to Toby for showing me this. 

"Ante Up To The Otherside"

"I Just Came To Say Hello" 

"My Bittercheap Symphony (Still Sweet)"

"Club Can't Handle Use Somebody"

"Revolution Jump"


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