Tuesday, June 28

Monday Mashups #10

Okay so because Newman missed the mashups last week, both Henry (Ponc) and Toby will do the mashup set today.

Toby Renn-

Angel On My Shoulder Reaver 76 (Kaskade Mash Up)  Beauitfully mashed, works to perfection

E.T. Feels Starry Eyed (3LAU Remix) Hectic dubstep mash

Don't Lick the Rainbow (Basic Physics Mashup) Mord Fustang on instrumentals + Mike Posner with the vocals + samples from Harder Better Faster Stronger = MASHUP WIN

Ponc -
Sup boysies and girls, I am not know for being the most fresh (unlike Will Smith as already established) however, I do enjoy fresh mash up beats - today my selection you may have already heard, but now all your friends will have heard it as well. Enjoy!

Krafty Kuts 8 Minute Mini Mix - Jaguar Skills Radio 1 Show
My first track is a 8 Minute Mini Mix mashup of some awesome tracks (full list on the link) - I really love this beat - do not recommend if you're a) hungover or b) not feeling like getting loose.

Disco Twist (Mashup) - Deadmau5 Vs Neelix Vs Crystal Method Vs Felguk
This beat is pretty old but fairly unknown - it's got some of my favourite artists in it - I hope you enjoy.

Steal Eastwood - White Panda
For all of you who are born in the 1990s - you will know Steal My Sunshine and how awesome it is - combine that with Gorillaz and you got yourself the best mash out.

That's it for me - peace and love from Henry Chladz

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