Monday, June 20

Old School Hip Hop with Poncdaddy (Part 1)

Old School hip-hop seems to have had a resurgence, thus, it's so freaking important that you remain educated and well adjusted to the really, unmistakably, definitive hip-hop - Lesson 1: 1980s.
This short compilation is a very commercial taste of the 1980s and no way represents the total hip-hop scene - this shit is just easy listening.

The Message - Grand Master Flash
Download The Message via Mediafire

Night Of The Living Bassheads - Public Enemy
Download Night of the Living Bassheads via Mediafire

Express Yourself - N.W.A.
Download Express Yourself via Mediafire

Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys

Download Brass Monkey via Mediafire
Me Myself and I - De La Soul
Download Me Myself and I via Mediafire

x0x0, HenryPonc

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