Sunday, June 5

My First Time

This is my first post... and shit...


   Just A Dream (Braincreator Sexy Remix) - Nelly 

A nice techno/electro twist on a tasty track by Nelly.


Wide Eyes - Local Natives

A chilled, laid-back tune from the L.A. boys.


FFA 69 Is Your Star Friend (Elocnep Mashup) - The Bloody Beetroots vs. Justice vs. Fatboy Slim

I have to say Cult Logic Forever, Shooting Superman (both posted on ME already) and this have got to be my three favourite mash-ups of all time. The three songs blend perfectly, kudos to Elocnep for making such an enjoyable dance song.


Blue - Gemini

A nice dirty track from one of the upcoming greats, at only 20 Gemini has worked closely with Excision and has been featured multiple times on the infamous Shambhalas.


Household Goods - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

An indie-electro-pop track, one of my favourites. Too many people like Garden, that annoys me.

- Tom Rees

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